Credit happens in every person`s life no matter how rich and happy he is in his lifetime. This is because, as we grow higher in our income levels, our needs and expectations also grow and hence there would arise some situation wherein we would be pushed to go for a borrowing or a loan and it is for this that a credit report is emphasized as the most important report for a person and his credit borrowing eligibilities.

Like all others, I also was put in a situation wherein I was in dire need for a housing loan. Luckily my credit report was ready. I make it a point to always update the information on it and keep it ready for use at any time because an emergency might dawn at any time. All my lenders so far have rated me good and clear for none of my repayments have been defaulted and I make it a point to repay the interest amounts first before even the other basic needs and this has helped me come out clean and clear from all my loans and borrowings. Most importantly they have paved way for my future borrowings without any troubles.

Thanks to the credit rating bureaus who untiringly keep a track of all those who have borrowed money from the various financial institutions and banks and make it a point to keep updating the report as and when there is some important happening regarding the loan. Though I play a good and solid role in having my report a clean one, a part of it is also because of these bureaus who have done their job of updating them as and when there was an activity related to my previous loans and this way they have helped me become eligible for my loans in the future.

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